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Attempt at Edwardian-ish hair for my bridal shower…! Doing natural makeup and brows is still hard for me haha. Try, try again! About to head out to see what surprises ate awaiting meee! @yumeninja accidentally told me it’s Austenland inspired, but I have no idea what is happening past that haha… Excited!!! #hair #makeup #mua #dollswithdye #austenland #austen #edwardian #diy #hairstyle #bridal #wedding #bridalshower


I cannot even put into words how many emotions this story makes me feel. It’s so sad and sweet and cute and just plain heartbreaking. It shows us how much of a monster Gothel really was, but it also shows just how strong Eugene and Rapunzel’s bond is. This is how you OTP.

Im so glad no one was home when I read this because I was just sobbing and giggling like an idiot.

Soooo cute, being as my personal Christmas’ were sad and not jolly for several years love the explanation of learning to relike Christmas bits :) Got to love the loveliness of Disney 

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